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By the end of Level 4, students will be able to:
  • understand many conversations on familiar topics
  • follow most directions
  • understand a variety of questions and commands
  • understand and perform complicated tasks
  • retell or narrate a story with a beginning, middle, and end
  • form higher level questions about a topic
  • compare and contrast
  • retell a story in student's own words
  • use assigned vocabulary in all subject ares
  • give oral reports in subject areas
  • participate in extended conversations and discussions in class
  • give directions
  • use diagrams, graphs and charts when reading a text
  • begin to understand text with limited visual support
  • skim and scan a text for general information
  • understand assigned level texts in a variety of forms
  • use a dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and index
  • read to obtain information for basic research
  • identify the main idea and supporting details
  • read and understand compound and complex sentences
  • understand common idioms, metaphors, and similes in context
  • read complex sentences with correct pauses and intonation
  • summarize a short text in his/her own words
  • identify cause and effect in a text
  • begin to make simple inferences and hypotheses
  • identify the parts of a five paragraph essay
  • sound out multisyllabic words
  • use context to pronounce homonyms correctly
  • categorize complex ideas, thoughts and concepts
  • read for pleasure
  • write three related paragraphs with topic sentences, body, and concluding sentences
  • edit and revise a three paragraph essay
  • write introductory paragraphs for essays
  • create a three point outline with sub points
  • take notes that are understandable by the teacher
  • take notes in his/her own words
  • write without plagiarism
  • use quotes appropriately in student work
  • write descriptive paragraphs
  • organize ideas logically with a main idea and details
  • retell a story in his/her own words
  • report information from three sources with correct citations