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Ms. Vanderscheuren, English as a Second Language
Ms. Vanderscheuren's "first" day of school-2014!

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I have taught at Wellstone since 2012.  I went to Pennsylvania State University for my undergraduate studies and Hamline University and St. Mary's University for my graduate work. Before teaching at Wellstone, I taught ESL and Reading at Henry High School and also worked as a Literacy Coach at the elementary school level.  I have active teaching licenses in ESL, Reading, and Special Education.   I love teaching at Wellstone because our students and staff are so wonderful to work with!  I look forward to coming here everyday!

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The Puzzlers

What do jigsaw puzzles have to do with writing skills?  At first, you might be thinking "Absolutely nothing!"  But our class is working on building a community.  Research shows that students learn better when they work together and have a chance to help each other.  

Here are a few pictures of our class "puzzlers".  They did a great job of asking questions, helping each other, and working together. They will use these same skills when they help each other to revise and edit their writing.