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State History Day
Monday, May 6, 2019 8:00 AM

Triumph and Tragedy
Triumph and Tragedy

The Senior Group Documentary Cesar Chavez Triumphs for Farm Workers won Honorable Mention!  That places their work in the top 2% of projects statewide.  They told the judges that they were interested in the topic because they come from farm families.  They also mentioned that English is their 3rd language. This group showed an unusual amount of self-efficacy and positive spirit.  They are  Everardo H, Eliazar H, Josue V, and Graciela. 

The rest of the participants were:

Reina L: Triumph of the Fugitive Slaves (Individual Performance)

Angel L, Henry S, and Noe L: Hiroshima (Group Web site)

Tuji A, Iftin, Yurub M, Leyla M, and Umer O: John Lewis (Group Exhibit)