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School in person Tuesday, June 21 - Be safe in the heat!
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 9:00 AM

Minneapolis Public Schools looks forward to welcoming students to school in-person tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21. 

Tomorrow’s heat index does not reach our excessive heat requirement for closing schools. 

To maintain student and staff safety and comfort, building engineers and school leaders took several steps to keep schools cool, including running ventilation systems overnight and over the weekend.

Please keep the following tips in mind tomorrow:  

  • Be aware of students or staff who may be particularly affected by the heat due to fasting or other conditions (chronic medical conditions, pregnancy, etc.).
  • Know the warning signs of heat exposure and heat-related illnesses.
  • Whenever possible, staff should turn off classroom lights, close classroom shades/blinds and limit use of heat-generating technology (computers, projectors, etc.). 
  • Open classroom doors to increase airflow, if your hallways are air conditioned.
  • Open outside windows that do not have direct sunlight. Before doing this, check to make sure that none of your students have life-threatening insect allergies.
  • Turn on a fan. If you do not have a fan, your building custodian may be able to help you locate one.
  • Move classes to the lower part of the building, an air-conditioned space or a more shaded side of the building, if space is available. 
  • Know your plan to rotate students and staff to cooled spaces. Most non-air-conditioned buildings recently had portacool units installed in some common areas. 
  • Hold class outside in a shaded area.
  • Make sure that students and staff stay well-hydrated and have easy access to water.
  • Encourage parents to dress their children for warm weather, in accordance with school dress codes.
  • Students should wear appropriate clothing, hats and sunscreen if spending time outside. 

Thank you.