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May Students of the Month
Friday, May 5, 2017 1:40 PM

Lion Logo
Lion Logo

Willian A "He has grown amazingly during the past year. Handling his personal and academic obligations without hesitation. I am very proud of the work he is doing mentoring other Latino students in our Chicano class. He was also selected to go to Washington, DC, last December for a leadership conference and he gave his place to another student who needed this experience more!!"

Abdimahad W  "worked tirelessly to produce high-quality assignments in his classes. We are especially impressed by his essay writing last quarter. His tenacity and warmth are a strong influence to those around him. Thanks for working hard and being positive, Abdimahad!
Sini A
"Sini works so hard to juggle MCTC, classes at Wellstone, and family responsibilities. She shines everyday with a positive attitude and upbeat personality and is an excellent role model for other students."
"Sini is very creative and can apply herself so many different ways"

Shukri (Shushu) M 
"Shushu is a student work consistently works hard in class and tries her best to learn new material. She always has a great attitude and works well with other students."
Duale  I- Nominated by our school Engineers, 
"Duale, helps our Wellstone community by cleaning the lunch room everyday"!!
Shuab Yaqub
"He excels at arabic!!! He is a very diligent student, helps other students, homework and classwork always complete".

Yellow Team has many students to recognize this month!!!
Congratulations to:

Avidail Diaz Chavez
Bayan Ahmed
Machneider D
Dahabo Elmi
Flora Vasquez Velasquez