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History Day Results
Monday, March 27, 2017 8:20 AM

History Day
History Day

Honorable Mentions: (not going on to state)

Group Web site: 

Elizabeth Blackwell: Khadija A, Henry D, Abdullahi M, Mohamed M, Fatha A


Individual exhibit: Harriet Tubman.  

Lizett O


Group Exhibit: Thomas Edison.  

Jennifer N, Ramadan M, Ismael M, Hamud A, Kadra A


Projects advancing to the state competition:

Group performance

Joan Baez: Delia I and Tannya C


Group Exhibit: Ida B Wells

Samatar H, Zeinab M, Ayanle M, Abdidek A, Fatuma M


Group web sites:

Chicano Viva La Raza:  Denise S, Digna N, Willian A

Center for Victims of Torture: Rooble N, Nafisa M, Sini A, Sahra M, Fardowsa M


There are some projects that were finished after our Gallery Walk.  We'll try to find a way to display them.

History Day 2017