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Wellstone History

Wellstone International High School started at the beginning of the 2001 school year. At that time it was called ICALL (International Center for Accelerated Language Learning).

Some important milestones are:

1. In early June 2003 two students graduated, but the diplomas were issued in the name of their home high school.

2.  The school board approved the name change to Wellstone International High School in mid-June of 2003.

3. In September of 2003 there was a big name changing ceremony with the superintendent, mayor, legislators, and many others in attendance.

4. By June 2004 Wellstone was accredited, had a full graduation class and could issue diplomas in the name of Wellstone International High School.  


1.     Lehmann Center                                  (1006 West Lake Street)                     2001 – 2008

2.     Roosevelt High School Co-Location       (4029 28th Avenue South)                   2008 – 2015

3.     Wilder Complex                                   (3328 Elliot Avenue South)                 2015 - 2021

4.     FAIR Building                                       (10 South 10th Street).               2021-Present

document Early school picture   --  This picture was taken back when the school was still called ICALL.
does this fire?!