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Students of the Month
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 8:50 AM

Lions head
Lions head
Juan P!  "He has had great attendance and is working hard in class everyday!  We appreciate his attitude and dedication to his work!"
Dastu U - "Dastu is such a dedicated and focused student. She is determined to do her best. She prioritizes her academics above all else. She is a supportive and reliable group member. She is takes responsibility for her learning." "Dastu excels in art class. She gives her attention to learning new concepts and applying them in her art."

Henry S - "Henry is a fantastic student in all of his classes.  He works hard to catch up if he is absent and helps other students in English.  His assignments are top quality"

Xavier L- "A quiet leader, Xavier is an example for all of us."  

"Xavier has shown great ability in working independently in advanced courses at Wellstone and MCTC. He polite and respectful."


"Abdulhafiz K takes his education very seriously and dedicates himself to not only completing all assignments on time, but also thinks beyond the expected classroom outcomes.  He's very respectful of peers and staff and he discovers his own voice in sharing personal opinions and points of view.  He's the kind of young man that makes me confident in placing my hope in tomorrow's generation of leaders"



Fardosa A- "She has awesome attendance, turns in homework on time, a lot of progress and participation in Arabic, respectful of her classmates."

Ailin F- "We want to nominate Ailin Flores because she works so hard in all of her classes and her English is improving. She is responsible and has excellent attendance".  "In art class, Ailin is very creative shows a lot of potential in the visual arts" 
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