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By the end of Level 2, students will be able to:
  • understand subject area sentences when repeated
  • understand two or more sentences when repeated
  • follow step by step directions
  • understand questions and commands
  • understand main idea in subject areas
  • understand and perform classroom tasks with help
  • ask and answer factual questions
  • name many needs and preferences
  • use vocabulary assigned in class with help
  • participate in role plays with simple sentences
  • read words from the same word family
  • recognize words that rhyme
  • comprehend their own writing
  • understand common graphs, diagrams, charts
  • read simple sentences with correct intonation
  • understand a simple narrative text
  • demonstrate knowledge of short and long vowel patterns and consonant blends
  • sound out unfamiliar words
  • answer Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? questions to show understanding of a text
  • make simple inferences and predictions about a text
  • understand simple story elements
  • use a glossary and table of contents
  • group words that have something in common
  • read for pleasure
  • write a complete sentence to include a noun, verb and direct object with end punctuation and capital letters
  • find capitalization and punctuation mistakes in own writing
  • write a sentence to answer a question
  • correctly spell assigned sight words to include days of the week, months of the year, and colors
  • label objects on a diagram or picture
  • complete a sentence if the teacher begins it
  • begin to use standard word order
  • make a list of related words