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By the end of Level 1, students will be able to:
  • understand simple survival words
  • respond to teacher's signals
  • understand signals from people outside of school
  • understand emotions in a person's voice
  • understand longer sentences when repeated
  • understand sentences for personal needs
  • understand basic school sentences
  • respond to signals used in class
  • understand one or more step directions
  • understand vocabulary assigned in class in a simple sentence
  • answer a yes/no question about him/herself
  • say their name, address, phone number
  • ask using a simple question
  • name school related vocabulary
  • name family members
  • greet others with a phrase
  • name numbers 1-100
  • tell time on the clock
  • tell dates, days of the week, months, and years
  • use vocabulary assigned in class in a simple sentence
  • memorize and repeat phrases and simple sentences
  • understand simple words and simple sentences
  • understand simple diagrams, graphs and charts
  • understand and use a calendar
  • repeat modeled sentences with correct intonation
  • follow text as teacher reads
  • understand the difference between a vowel and consonant in the alphabet
  • use a picture dictionary
  • read for pleasure
  • label classroom objects
  • use spacing between words
  • copy a sentence from a model on the board with a period or question mark, and with capital letters
  • write a two or three word sentence with help from the teacher
  • correctly spell words assigned by the teacher
  • write the date and time correctly using numbers