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Volunteer Information

Volunteers play an important role at Wellstone. Along with students' families, the community, teachers and paid staff, volunteers help our students succeed. Every day local college students, family members, and individuals from our community come to Wellstone. They bring enthusiasm and patience. They assist teachers and offer fresh perspectives.

They encourage students and inspire them to reach their potential. And, just as importantly, they feel a sense of fulfillment and pride in doing it. What do our volunteers have to say about it?

  • "Students' passion made me more passionate. Their drive made me more driven."
  • "No matter how much I was able to help [students], I'm sure they helped me a hundred-fold..."
  • "Wellstone and those within its doors have had a far greater impact on me than I could have every imagined..."
  • "When I left [school] that day, I didn't leave what I had just done at the doors of that school as well. I carried it with me... ...I simply could not forget about the students"

*Interested in volunteering, or want some more info on opportunities available? Call our Volunteer Coordinators Bob Peterson or Erik Hensel at (612) 668 - 5115 or take a minute to fill out our online application and we'll be in touch.

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