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"What does a student's language level mean?"
First off, an explanation of what these levels are and why we use them:

While many students are naturally interested in how many credits they have, what grades they're getting, and how close they are to graduation, they and their teachers are equally (if not more) interested in the students' English language acquisition.  Having a good transparent and measurable idea of how a student is doing in development of their English skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) is crucial to ensuring that students are placed in classes that will both be challenging and offer realistic opportunities for success.  Therefore each student is categorized as being in one of levels 0-5, with English language skills ranging from beginning to advanced, respectively.

Seeing how many students fall into each level also helps us to decide on what classes will be offered during any given semester and also gives us an idea of what direction our school should take further down the road.

What does this mean for you?

Of course, as a volunteer working directly with students, how much English a student knows can really have an effect on how you approach working with them.    To the right are criteria for success at each language level.  Take a peek.

So, for instance, if you work with Level 2 students, click the corresponding link to the right to see what skills that class should be striving to master. 

They may not be quite there yet, but with your help and a lot of hard work they'll get there.
does this fire?!