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Lab and Technology Integration
Lab B121
Lab B121

You can sign up for use of the lab at any time using our Google Sheets sign up form. If for some reason you are not able to access it please notify Bob so he can resolve the issue. The lab is available for sign up all day, every day! There are 35 laptop student computers. 

I am here to support and collaborate with you in your technology integration efforts. Let me know ahead of time how you would like me to support you and your students. I am available to support you with technology integration whether it be in the B121 lab or your classroom.

Three times in the past few years I have attended MILI workshops with a cohort of teachers from Wellstone to support technology integration. This workshop covers several topics teachers and media specialists can collaborate and integrate technology in curriculum. Here is the link for the MILI website with ideas on how technology can be integrated: MILI website.