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By the end of Level 5, students will be able to:
  • use culturally appropriate active listening skills
  • listen "between the lines"
  • understand speech delivered at a normal rate
  • understand vocabulary used by native English speakers
  • understand the main idea and supporting details of subject area
  • understand vocabulary in extended discourse
  • participate in group work and discussions with peers
  • formulate questions and hypothesize
  • generalize, define, classify, argue a point logically with supporting facts
  • clearly express ideas using specific vocabulary to describe and narrate
  • express him / herself comparable to a native speaker of similar age
  • understand texts written for native speakers of English
  • begin to read for debate
  • read to obtain information for a complex research project
  • understand complex punctuation
  • identify author's point of view, purpose, and bias
  • trace thematic development in a novel
  • read for pleasure
  • write a five paragraph essay with thesis, body, and conclusion
  • write an annotated bibliography
  • write a story in a different voice
  • write a persuasive paper for a particular audience
  • edit for grammar, mechanics, and spelling
  • create a draft, a revision, and a final paper
  • write a paper that is understood by a variety of audiences
  • use metaphors, similes, analogies, and idioms in writing
  • write in response to assignments in all subject areas
  • write a five point outline with sub points
  • take notes that are understandable by the teacher and others